About Us...

    We are the team of independent software developers united by common interest to start up and grow our own business. For this we are investing our time, efforts and money, to make our software products really attractive to our customers.

    Right now we are proud to offer your attention our renovated program BeCrossword for Palm and also recently released program Puzzle Fetcher, which will help you greatly in downloading the newest crosswords and installing them into your Palm Device. We are doing our best for you to experience the greatest enjoyment from using our products. We also tightly cooperate with AVBSoft and Eritia teams, which have been our partners for a long time. Their products are also presented on our site. We are sure, that our programs will help you to spend your time pleasantly and increase your intellect.

    Our main priority - to make high quality products for a very reasonable price, our main bet is on popularity of our products, in favor to its low price.

    By the way, we are very open to new ideas and proposals, or if you feel that we can help you in your business, don't wait, drop us a note - contact us via e-mail - support@beocean.com!

Our mailing address is:
    Kyivska street 10, apt. 164
    Ternopil, 46023

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