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Go to App Store to download and install Japanese Crossword to your device

Additional puzzle packs are available as In-App purchases.

Requires iOS 4.3 or greater.

Downloading new puzzle packs requires an active connection to the internet via 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi.

JCrossword for iOS- Features

JCrossword - Japan Crossword puzzle application

If you like to exercise your brain by solving puzzles and riddles, you've just found a perfect program to entertain yourself! Japan Crossword features several thousand puzzles known as Japanese crosswords, Nonograms, Griddlers and Point-By-Numbers. This type of puzzles originated in Japan and then quickly spread all over Europe. We are introducing perfect game created for pleasure time spending using your iOS device. We did our best to make this program nice and functional. Players may choose from a wide range of different crosswords based on various topics they're interested in, with the various difficulty levels. You can create your own puzzles, by entering board of digits and pleasure the game.

Key Features:

Cool 2d graphics
Many puzzles
Self-created puzzles. Found interesting crossword in newspaper? Move it to your handheld and enjoy resolving it!
Any size puzzle support (scrolling).
Self-setup grid drawing
Instant drawing
Solution (including for self-created puzzles)
Puzzle resolution preview
Undo/redo option
Help including


Minimum Requirements:

  • iOS 4.3 and later
It's better to see once then to hear 100 times, it's better to try once then to see 100 times. So just look at the screenshots, download the Japan Crossword and enjoy 30 free puzzles without any limitations!!

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