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JCrossword for Pocket PC - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I create the game board manually?
A: To create you own board manually select "Menu->Blank Board" from menu (or on Main Screen window "Blank Board"), and select game board parameters. On the next step fill first vertical number pane, on the second step - horizontal pane. After that press finish. That's all. Now you can begin to solve you puzzle.

Q: I have downloaded the installation file CAB of the Japan Crossword to my PocketPC. I have installed it and launched the program, but did not see any file with the crossword for solving. Where should I get 400 crossword files which have to be attached to the program?
A: Crossword files were not installed because you have used installation file for PocketPC. To have the crossword files on your PocketPC you should use the installation file for Windows, which can be found HERE, or you can download and install the installation crossword files to your PocketPC, which can be found HERE and HERE.

Q: Yesterday I've started solving the crossword, but didn't finish it. Can I save what have already been solved and continue solving it the next day?
A: Presently the JCrossword program does not support saving the crossword file. But it is possible to continue solving the Japan Crossword. For this, you have to press the 'Continue' menu item, which will appear in the window when the program starts. Note, that only the last unsolved crossword will be opened in such a way.

Sales and registration.

Q: I've purchased new device and my registration code doesn't works anymore, what to do?
A: Your registration code is linked to your Device ID. If you did changed your device, please send us an e-mail with new registration request, it's free, all what we need to know is your purchase information (normally your e-mail is enough is it's same e-mail form which you've make a purchase) and new Device ID


Q: I've send you a question but got no answer, how come?
A: Normally we are trying to answer on questions as fast as we can (especially registration/HotSync change question have priority #1). But some questions may require some development fixing from our side, this may take quite some time until we'll reply. Also there is some other kind of e-mail we may never answer, for example, if question concerns how to work with your Palm, you better refer to manual or Palm technical support - we are selling our product for really low price and simply have no resource to do such kind of training, it's not even our responsibility.

     JCrossword  was released not that long time ago, right now we are collecting yours questions in order to qualify most frequently asked ones. More answers will come here shortly.

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