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Crossword for PocketPC - Frequently Asked Questions

Sales and registration.

Q: I've purchased new device and my registration code doesn't works anymore, what to do?
A: Your registration code is linked to your Device ID. If you did cahnged your device, please send us an e-mail with new registration request, it's free, all what we need to know is your purchase information (normally your e-mail is enough is it's same e-mail form which you've make a purchase) and new Device ID

Q: Why the price is so low?
A: Because we prefer to have more people buying our products rather then keeping price high. However if you want, you can make a donation ;-) Just buy more then one copy of BeCrossword.


Q: I've send you a question but got no answer, how come?
A: Normally we are trying to answer on questions as fast as we can (especially registration/HotSync change question have priority #1). But some questions may require some development fixing from our side, this may take quite some time until we'll reply. Also there is some other kind of e-mail we may never answer, for example, if question concerns how to work with your Palm, you better refer to manual or Palm technical support - we are selling our product for really low price and simply have no resource to do such kind of training, it's not even our responsibility.

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