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Puzzle Fetcher for Windows - Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Q: What is Puzzle Fetcher for? Where can I use it?
A: Puzzle Fetcher is for automatic downloading of crossword files from different resources, chosen by a user, and for their synchronization with your Palm Device(s), which is (are) installed into the system. The program can be used on any PC with Windows 98 or later operational system with connection to the internet.

Q: How does Puzzle Fetcher work?
A: Puzzle Fetcher works in automatic as well as in manual mode. In the automatic mode new files are downloaded within definite periods of time, which are set by a user. In the manual mode downloading starts directly after the user's command.

Sales and registration.

Q: I've purchased new device and my registration code doesn't works anymore, what to do?
A: Your registration code is linked to your HotSync ID. Even when you've purchased new device, you can use same HotSync ID so in most of cases we hope that you will not experience this kind of problem. However, if you did cahnged your HotSync ID from whatever reason, please send us an e-mail with new registration request, it's free, all what we need to know is your purchase information (normally your e-mail is enough is it's same e-mail form which you've make a purchase) and new HotSync ID.

Q: Recently I have bought one more Palm Device for work and I want crossword files to be installed to it too while synchronization. Do I need to buy another license for that?
A: Yes, to use one more Palm Device you should buy another license. Actually, you need to have so many licenses, how many Palm Devices you are planning to use for crossword files synchronization.


Q: I've send you a question but got no answer, how come?
A: Normally we are trying to answer on questions as fast as we can (especially registration/HotSync change question have priority #1). But some questions may require some development fixing from our side, this may take quite some time until we'll reply. Also there is some other kind of e-mail we may never answer, for example, if question concerns how to work with your Palm, you better refer to manual or Palm technical support - we are selling our product for really low price and simply have no resource to do such kind of training, it's not even our responsibility.

Your questions will be added and answered due to the time of their arising and the level of importance.

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